Sports Fest is with us once again!
Join MUSC and have fun on campus by participating in the several sports activities we have organised just for you!
Have a go at Lazer tag if you've never tried it before, or show off your dunking skills whilst playing basketball in the Quadrangle with your friends!
Don't miss out on these two days of pure fun on campus! It's not everyday that you can play baseball at university!
For all those football fanatics, the Malta University Sports Club will be unveiling its very own football team! Those who are interested in joining would be able to do so by visiting our stand during Sports Fest!
So come on! Let's make University a brighter and healthier place for two days!
To book a place for Lazer Tag and Diving events please send an email to [email protected] so that you won't be disappointed.
Content last updated on 27/02/2011 1:44 PM
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