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What are the student rates for the Kinetika Fitness Centre?

€90 for 6 months.

Is the use of the national pool included with this rate?

No, the pool is under separate management, therefore has a separate membership rate of €70 for 6 months and €100 for 1 year.

Can I pay by credit card or cheque?

We only accept cash payments.

Are there other special rates for students apart from the 6 month subscription?

No, our rates are only for 6 months. If you require a membership for less/more than 6 months, please refer to our 'Gym' Tab on our website, where you will find ADULT rates.

Can I use the showers after I use the gym or pool?

Yes, these are free to use

What do I do after I subscribe for my membership online?

After pressing ‘Proceed to Payment’, you can come to our office, during our office hours and pay the fee. We will then send you a receipt by email which you can present at the gym in order to get your gym card.

From where do I pick up my card?

From the Gym or Pool reception, after showing them your receipt

If I had subscribed online a long time ago and never paid, should I subscribe again?

Yes, you should subscribe again so that your start date would be as close as possible to the day you pay.

I am a student at Junior College / MCAST / Higher Secondary / doing ACCA, can I still apply for the student rates?

Any student studying on a full time basis is eligible for the student rate. Part time students will not be accepted.

I have paid, and I haven’t received my receipt yet, what should I do?

If a few hours have passed since you paid, and you still haven’t received a receipt, check your junk mail, if it isn’t there please send an email to [email protected] so that we will resend your receipt.

I want to renew my subscription, what should I do?

Log into your account on our website, and press ‘Renew Subscription’, ‘Proceed to Payment’ and you can come to our office to pay.

If the office is closed during examination periods and in summer, how can I pay for my gym membership?

You can do so via internet banking.

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If you are unable to visit the MUSC office during Opening Hours, you may submit your payment via internet banking or by emailing [email protected] to set up an appointment.

For payments during summer months or examination periods, please follow the normal application process and then follow subsequent instructions.